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Why Poker is such a unique game?


An important issue about the poker that causes various reactions is the fact that in reality nobody can completely understands it.


Obviously we have players who are playing better than others, but there cannot be a computer that can win a very good poker player as there is no fixed mathematical analysis to tell us precisely what is happening.


If we compare this with another very popular game - the backgammon - we will find that there are large differences. On the one hand, there is a game that has been solved to large extent, that we understand what moves are correct and in which spots and what mathematical principles will lead us to the best possible result. With only a few regular movements and good observation, the best computers in the world can win even the best players in the world, only by having this mathematical background.


Play Poker Online

In poker however, only rarely a computer can beat a good player. The mixture of mathematics and psychology in poker makes the game almost impossible to be managed by a one-dimensional machine, but it can be easily managed by a multi-dimensional human mind. The majority of the regular poker tactics is not based on mathematics and the theory of the game, but the understanding of strategies that have been tested and have stood the test of time.


We can talk about implied odds of a particular hand, or the reasons which lead us to a spot but we will never be able to analyze and interpret them in total. There are of course very reasons why these movements are characterized as "good" but this can easily be turned upside down as the game progresses.


If we take someone from the 80's and get him to play in a modern Hold'em tournament it is guaranteed that it will look highly offensive game. He will think that all of these betting with moderate sheets can only be of benefit but if seated and play he will quickly become adrift of difference and of the behaviour of modern players.


Without a thorough mathematical and theoretical background for the poker, we can never know how much we know about this game. Someone may be able to rate himself and classify him according to the capabilities of other players, but he will never know on what percentage of the total understanding of the game he is.

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